Why healthy homes? The keys to it

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They are built and designed to ensure the health of the people who inhabit it. These homes are necessary for the proper development of the family; a comfortable place to live that should promote well-being.

Web portals are focused on those people who are looking for information to turn their home into a healthy and efficient home, in a healthy home; in these portals you can find contents contributed by experts on habitability, health in the home, etc.

Want to check if you have a healthy home? We listed your conditions:

  • Provide adequate ventilation, usually achieved with windows that provide current, ventilated façade and/or good orientation.
  • Maintain a suitable temperature through air conditioning.
  • To ensure that, thanks to the orientation of the house, its location and layout, the light enters during the day in a natural way.
  • Avoid moisture.
  • Provide good sleep conditions, usually influenced by the temperature (the ideal is between 16 and 23º) and the absence of light.

These characteristics complement each other, and bring benefits to its inhabitants, hence the term “healthy home“. So much so that our home, if healthy, minimizes the risk of suffering headache, promotes rest, offers us better levels of energy and work performance, and prevents nasal and throat infections (caused by humidity and lack of ventilation).

From the materials to the paint of these houses, they must respect the environment and contain no toxic compounds. One of the certificates to prove if a construction is sustainable and healthy is the BREEAM certification, which verifies the environmental sustainability aspects in the buildings.

Research is currently underway to explore the possibility of sensing houses in such a way as to collect information in order to know the patterns of its inhabitants. In this way, mixing the concepts of sustainability and IoT, we would have a smart home capable of improving the quality of life of its residents, even being able to act in situations of danger or anomalies in the habitual behavior of residents.

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