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Technology is integrated in mainly all business models and their associated processes. There are sectors where it is most evident.

The sector in which we are, is one of those that knows how to adapt to this change, leaving the traditional way; Its growth prospects in this area for 2017 are quite good.

The adoption of technology-based methodologies such as BIM, the creation of HUBs within the sector, the new tools aimed at providing the customer with a digital experience… are clear examples of the digital transformation in which construction and real estate promotion are embedded.

In addition, events of new technologies applied to real estate are being promoted, with the aim of discussing current and future trends. Two examples of this are Inmotecnia Rent or Real Estate New Technologies.

But, what technologies are already being used by real estate agencies?

Drones, which increase the spectacularity of the perspective of homes in both photographs and videos, facilitating the sale.

Virtual reality, makes the user experience more real. Building a home is a process that lasts for months. Thanks to technology, homeowners can approach reality in a very visual way, and in addition to this, you can immerse yourself in your future home miles away.

3D modelling, is taking its first steps, but soon will be a real revolution.

Internet of things, customers increasingly demand smart houses, associated with the connectivity of devices, home automation and intelligence applied to security and comfort.

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