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In order to carry out any construction project, whether it be professional or house maintenance, it is necessary to have a series of handy tools that help to accomplish different tasks effectively and to ultimately achieve lasting results. The following list details those specific items:


  1. Masonry Palette (Trowel)

Masonry palettes are one of the most useful and necessary tools at any construction or building site. They help to carry out a wide variety of tasks such as mixing materials and then afterward applying them to the corresponding area, corner or even for repairing siding or walling.


  1. Flat Masonry Trowel

Flat masonry trowels are another one of the most used tools for any building project. These trowels are different as they have a flat surface and a handle and are used to extend and smooth out plaster, cement, or any other grabbing or gripping paste.


  1. Chisels and Pointers

Chisels and pointers are versatile instruments used for carrying out all types of tasks related to the construction and electricity of a building. Both are manual tools highly useful for chipping, breaking materials or extracting mortar traces. Likewise, these instruments are often meant to be used with a mallet or a hammer, which hits the back of the pointer in order to exert pressure on the  opposite end which facilitates the rupture of the surface.


  1. Sledgehammer and Mallet

Sledgehammers and mallets are used for jobs that require the use of different hammer models, which are most commonly heavy and large. These tools are ideal for hitting chisels or pointers, as previously states, as well as carrying out small demolition jobs.

  1. Mason’s Plumb

Plumbs are tools frequently used by builders. Their main function is to accurately and reliably determine the vertical alignment of various elements such as walls, doorways, other barriers or vertical structures that are longer than a spirit level.


  1. Spirit Level

Also commonly called a bubble level or simply a level, these levelling tools help to affirm the exact vertical or horizontal position of an element. A level is absolutely necessary in the construction industry for all types of tasks such as tiling and welding, laying skirting boards, or raising up walls.


  1. Tape Measure

Tape measures, commonly known as metric tape measures, are fundamental tools for any construction activity that helps to measure distance and size. A tape measure is useful for measuring a large surface area and can accurately show the length of both short distances as well as medium distances.


  1. Shovel

Although shovels are more commonly used for working in the ground and in gardens, they are also useful tools for construction sites. Shovels allow professionals to remove and dig out dirt or other materials, transport materials and fill in cement among many other functions.


  1. Construction buckets and trays

Construction buckets and trays are necessary tools to either make mixes or to transport them to another location at a construction site. It is possible to use your own household plastic bucket, but for construction use there are larger and  more durable rubber buckets available.


  1. Pliers

Pliers are useful hand held tools for various jobs in the construction industry. They work to hold up elements and pull on them in order to extract them or cut them. They are fundamental for wood demolition, as well as formwork or fences.



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