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Perhaps you have never stopped to think about the decisive role played the tunnels. Thanks to them we can cross mountains, cross through the sea, or open our way through the depths of the earth. In this way your trips are faster and the transport of goods is easier. In short, they are a key point to improve terrestrial communications. For that reason, they deserve a space in our blog, today we are going to talk about some particularly unique tunnels that, although they may seem from another planet, are absolute works of human engineering.

Lærdal tunnel (Sogn og Fjordane, Norway). Norway, among many other things, can boast of being one of the countries with the largest number of tunnels, with more than 1000. This Norwegian tunnel that crosses the fjords stands out, especially because it is the longest in the world. Although there are railway conduits such as the Seikan in Japan, or the Eurotunnel of France that exceed it, this is the largest road tunnel. If we go into it we will go through almost 25 kilometers of cavity. To prevent travelers traveling under it may feel overwhelmed, its creators designed it thoroughly to avoid any mental discomfort. This they have achieved by adding three illuminated caves of different sizes that end with the visual routine. These also work as points of change of direction. It also has sidings, emergency telephones and fire extinguishers, emitter-receiver system for GSM mobile telephony and a system with fans and air supply and purification filters.

 THE MOST AWESOME TUNNELS IN THE WORLD - DETEA, Obras, Construcción e Ingeniería

Tunnel of Zion-Mount Carmel (Utah USA).
Few things can impress more than driving on a highway and entering a large hole created at the foot of a mountain. This is precisely what happens on the Zion – Mount Carmel Highway. This 1.7 km tunnel runs through the Pine Creek canyon. It also stands out because it has galleries made on the rock of the canyon that allow the entrance of light from the outside and lets see the wonderful landscape of Utah


Guoliang tunnel, China


The Chinese Guoliang is also found in a mountainous landscape. This tunnel played an especially important role to avoid the isolation suffered by the area in which it is located before its construction. Its surroundings are considered one of the most dangerous roads in the world but at the same time it is spectacular. As it has small windows made in the rock, it is possible to see this beautiful picture from inside.


Zhongnanshan tunnel, China

Although the previous tunnel is really striking, it is not the longest tunnel in Asia. The title is held by the Zhongnanshan, also in China. It is also the second in the world in length. The duct makes it possible to reduce trips of more than two hours to 40 minutes. Like the lengthy Norwegian tunnel, this also has interior lighting and adds images of clouds projected on the roof that prevents monotony during the trip and reduces visual fatigue and stress.


Tunnel Log, California.


As we have already talked about several tunnels that surprise because of their long length, now we discover this curious California tunnel just 5.6 meters wide. Why is this tunnel interesting then? Well, despite its small size, it is impossible not to be left speechless when you see it because it is excavated in the trunk of an immense redwood tree that fell naturally. The reason for this construction is that when the tree fell to the ground in 1937 and obstructed the road, those in charge of removing it considered that instead, the best option would be to create a hole in the trunk, since It was an easy task to move a tree over 80 meters high.


 THE MOST AWESOME TUNNELS IN THE WORLD - DETEA, Obras, Construcción e Ingeniería


Tunnel of the Tower. Japan. In a more urban landscape is the tunnel of the Tower of Osaka, in Japan. It is a tunnel that crosses a 16-story office building. Floors 5,6 and 7 are occupied by the passage of the tunnel. The road is surrounded by a structure that protects the building from noise and vibrations.


Finally we can not forget to talk about bridge tunnels. There are numerous structures of this type distributed throughout the world and their mixed condition makes them always eye-catching. These are bridges that also disappear in the depths of the sea, connecting with a tunnel that makes it possible to continue on the road. We highlight, for example, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, considered by engineering professionals as one of the seven wonders of modern industry; or the Oresund Bridge that links the neighboring countries of Sweden and Denmark.



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