The Ministry of Public Works Directorate General of roads has awarded the Andalusian construction company Detea the channelling of the “Arroyo Pichongo”, which runs in parallel with the A-32 motorway in the section of the highway from Ibros to Úbeda. This project will protect the highway from erosion caused by the runoff from that stream.

The announcement of formalization of the contract, published in the BOE on Tuesday, reports that the total amount of the award amounts to 628,615 Euros, with the execution period of the works of 12 months.

The project of the “Arroyo Pichongo” channelling, drafted in November 2014, is planned as a complementary work to the construction of the A-32 highway itself, in a section where both highway and stream run in parallel along almost 1 kilometre and a half near to the Linares-Baeza Station.

The document justifies the need for the works due to the instability of the land through which the stream runs and the strong floods that it experiences in heavy rains periods; circumstances that usually cause erosion in its margins and base, causing even changes in the outline of the stream. The channelling of the channel will prevent that the runoff affects the highway itself.

The works will consist of a 1.503-meter section channelling, with a base of five meters wide and a height of two meters, by means of a concrete rock fill. In the execution of the works 34,583 cubic meters of land will be excavated, of which 15,645 will be used as filling material.

The project also contemplates complementary works such as the construction of speed ramps in the interactions with rural roads and the repair of the sections of roads affected by the erosions, with repair of the slope and formation of ground with artificial bank-run gravel.

The channelling of the “Arroyo Pichongo” is among the actions planned by the Ministry of Public Works in the A-32 and its surroundings, included in the National Accounts Budget for 2016, with an investment of more than 44 million Euros.

Source: Ideal Jaén.

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