The importance of good ventilation in the house

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The right ventilation in our houses is something we still need to improve.

We usually air the rooms in the house for a short period of time in the morning and, afterwards, only if the air feels heavy.

But, do we do it correctly and regularly?

We live in an environment where all moves so fast; we are fed up with so much information, work, obligations…

There is a social need for being up to date and we live with huge stress, which leads to a lack of time for our home and even less time to air it out.

Nobody pays attention to airing out our home, but it is a process that eliminates harming substances for our health.

The accumulation of standstill air can cause severe respiratory affections and increase stress among other consequences.

These are more common problems than we think, especially for people with a weak immunological system in the case of respiratory illnesses.

It can also cause asthma, nasal congestion, eye and throat irritation…

In a different order of things, in our home, wrong ventilation can make mould and bad odors proliferate, contributing to an unhealthy environment.

The benefits from ventilating are many, airing out the homes cleans the space, avoids allergies and other health affections.

It is capable of lowering the temperatures during the hot months and dry up the mould during rainy and cold months…

These benefits are in proportion to the number of problems that can affect us if we do not it right.

How to correctly ventilate our home?

In this post we are giving you some advice to properly air out your home with no effort:

  1. Choosing the ideal and effective ventilation system to ensure the quality of the air in the interior

The mechanical controlled ventilation, MCV, is a system that is integrated in the building and works thanks to a fan, fueled generally by electricity.

It is based on the extraction of the air and ensuring the quality of the air in the interior.

Here it is a list of mechanical controlled ventilation systems:

  • In admission

The entry of air, admission, comes mechanically from a fan and it is distributed by conducts.

The evacuation of the air is done by natural ventilation through infiltrations and grille.

  • In extraction

The admission air comes in a natural way into the building while the extraction of the air is done by a fan.

The air travels through a network of conducts that extract it from humid areas to the exterior.

  • In admission and in extraction (or double flow system)

It is a system where the admission and extraction of the air are done by a fan.

These systems, mainly used in installations in the service sector, modify the volume depending on different parameters such as relative humidity, VOC, etc.

MCV efficiently manages energy consumption when renewing the air in the interior of a room.

The MCV system guarantees the health standards and also allows to keep the windows closed (ventilation system´s requisite), that reduces the acoustic contamination.

Furthermore, it previously filters the air that goes into the room, make it safer for the people in the house.

  1. Using air purifiers

An effective way to improve the quality of the air that we breath in our home and to guarantee the wellbeing is having an air purifier.

The air purifiers are devices that provide cleaner air, improving the thermal comfort of the environment.

These devices have the ability to eliminate toxic substances from the air (dust, smoke, chemical product’s odors, etc.).

We can also differentiate between industrial and domestic purifiers.

The industrial one are used for extracting air from large areas, being able to filter up to 1000m3 of air an hour and eliminating toxic dust like asbestos.

On the other hand, the domestic ones are much smaller and have less capacity, generally they filter between 200 and 300 m3 of air an hour.

They have been created for rooms such as kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, etc…

  1. Setting up plants inside

Plants regulate the humidity and can clean the air.

Some plants are able to eliminate toxic gases that they get from the air and bury it in the ground, improving the quality of the air.

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