The importance of colour in Architecture

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Colours in architecture drive to a number of factors that we should know at the moment of studying the realization of a work. We should understand that colour is an important feature of building design. Colour is actually really needed in architecture.

Architecture and colour should live in harmony in order to create a common visual space, but which is the importance of colour in architecture and colours on buildings.

Inside of colour psychology, some certain range of colours to the interior and exterior of an environment can be applied, and so give to the property a determined characteristic, although it can or not influence at human’s abilities. that’s why when we ask to professionals, they say depending on the use we give to those interiors and exteriors, some colours and finishings could determine the characteristics of sensitive results and comfort.

One part of neuropsychological investigation is to be able to know how the brain processes the external sensory information and how it affects to humans. It’s important for colour design, the investigation aimed to both extreme perceptions inside the environment known as sensory deprivation and sensory overload, and so overstimulation.

Introduction to the meaning of different colours such as:

  • Meaning of purple colour: Purple colour was the most expensive to get, as it was obtained from molluscs, and a great quantity of them was required. It was almost an exclusive colour for the royalty and religious celebrations. We tie this colour with power, the royalty. It’s a colour which isn’t very easy to find at nature.
  • Meaning of orange colour: It’s the colour of fun and Buddhism. It takes the properties from the colours its born (red and yellow), but softened. It’s linked to entertainment, security, excitement and youth.
  • Meaning of green colour: Green colour is the colour of nature. It’s linked to balance, nature and hope. It’s a colour which brings us calm, relax and lower the blood pressure.


  • Meaning of white colour. White is a symbol of purity, innocence, and candor. Although any negative concept is related to it at western culture, at oriental cultures, it’s a meaning of death.
  • Meaning of blue colour Blue colour is the most preferred by general public. It’s the colour of sky, water, and remoteness. Culturally, it’s linked to cold. It has a relaxing effect. It’s also said that the coldest colour is the greenish blue colour.
  • Meaning of yellow colour.  It’s the colour of sun, gold and also sulphur. It’s a very bright colour, and on one side, we can produce joy and fun, but it also with treason, envy, and jealousy
  • Meaning of black colour. Black is the colour of darkness, of the night. At western culture, it’s related to death, mourning, mistery and concealment. On the other hand, it’s the colour which represents elegance and power. Black is the absence of colour

A decorated environment with cold colours such as blue, indigo, ourple and green can lower our temperature and another environment with warm colours such as red, orange or yellow can increase our temperature or reduce it with the light.

The meaning of colour can produce sensations, many of them develops naturally, and others we have learnt them culturally and aren’t the same for all the countries.

The kind of colour we want to use at our architecture will affect forcefully both to the way we understand the building and how we feel it. The exterior and interior lighting of the buildings will also determine tellingly the way we understand the colour.

The colour affects on the visual features of the shape:

  • Geometry
  • Object’s size.
  • Visual weight of the object.
  • Suggest a different texture from the surface finishing of the architecture.


The colour in architecture has gathered some social features for the property’s identification. There are different colour guides and to complete the understanding of colour in architecture, here we leave these links:



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