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The implementation of telecommuting in the current emergency situation is a reality.

It is becoming a good alternative, in some sectors, to carry on with the daily workload from home, if it cannot be done in the office.

In general terms, telecommuting is a way of working that allows the employee to do his job in a different place than the office.

The employee, by telecommuting, is not obliged to work personally in the office; the worker can do the job from home without trouble.

The number of jobs that can be done from home is growing; it only needs an internet connection, a computer and a cell phone.

Although, telecommuting mind sound familiar, some people do not really know its possibilities.

Autonomy, savings in commuting to work, infrastructure cost reduction, integration of disabled people, etc…

Nowadays, the majority of the population has the duty to stay home.

Going over the consequences of it in our everyday life.

With all the schools closed, telecommuting can be a real challenge for those who have children among other circumstances.

In this post we will show you some keys so teleworking becomes a useful and effective tool.

Keys for telecommuting optimization

Define your routine

Establishing a routine is essential, it is very important to set a schedule.

Defining time for calls, and usual tasks at the same time as in the office.

It is the same with the breakfast, lunch or disconnecting breaks.

Making a basic telecommuting manual

Regarding a new situation like the one we are going through, it is highly recommended to make a basic telecommuting manual.

This basic manual should contain key information, links and the steps to be followed by the employee so the job can be done from home.

Always using the same channels

It is necessary to establish, in a precise and clear way, the communication channels that are going to be used as everyday tools in order to avoid confusion.

This is a key factor to get good feedback between the company and employees as well as between employees.

Using the same channels all the time is essential to achieve maximum time optimization when telecommuting.

Setting roles

Search in your team for professionals that can engage with the employees and the company and that become fundamental pillars, reference for others in crisis like this one.

Tools for telecommuting

There is a wide variety of tools to work online and the need of learning and knowing about them is vital to keep up with the professional activity.

Teams, a tool developed by Office 365, stands out for its simplicity and utility and it is included in the office package used in the majority of workplaces. Nowadays, Microsoft is offering it for free for 6 months.

There are other tools such as Google’s G SUITS, LINK, Webex, Trello, Slack, Skype…all of them are easy to use and most of them are free.

Moreover, Google has expanded the free applications package to help within its ability to this global crisis.

Gearing up your employees: WIFI connection and computer, essentials

Working online requires a good WIFI connection and a computer at home.

Through these elements, employees will be able to access their email accounts, the company’s internal server or any other applications, among other functions.

To improve the internet connection, here there some tips:

  • Check all the devices that are connected to the net and disconnect those that are not going to be use during the working hours.

The more devices are connected to the net, the slower the connection gets and vice versa.

  • Update the operating system to the latest version and uninstall any programs that are not being used.

Also, use the cloud to store information.

To sum up, use whatever is needed to work, exclusively.

  • Tips for optimizing your WIFI connection: move the router, use signal amplifiers, turn it on and off, reset it or get a more powerful one if the one being used is failing regularly.
  • Connect to the internet by using an Ethernet cable to achieve top speed connection.


Ally with the best partners

As an entrepreneur, always keep in mind that these situations can lead to new opportunities.

The mandatory use of telecommuting can be a procedure to explore new work and business models including new commercial relations with third parties that have not been explored to the moment.

Inform about the benefits of telecommuting

As it has been explained previously, the benefits of telecommuting are many: avoid commuting, save time and money and great capacity to work autonomously.

As the world is facing this crisis, previously unknown, everyone must give everything within their capacity to adapt to new environment.

By doing all this, people will be able to work in the most effective and professional way possible.

If you want to know more about this topic, do not hesitate and contact us or read other related articles in our website.

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