San Roque, Cadiz, will be a benchmark in tanker sustainable Cleaning

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The company Lavadero de Cisternas Bahía de Algeciras, with national presence and extensive experience in the field of inner cleaning of road transport tanks, located in the industrial area of Guadarranque in San Roque (Cádiz), received the assistance of Detea for this large project which is beginning to take shape.

The facilities to be built, will have three lines for washing and one for drying, as well as the corresponding module of offices. It will also feature a wastewater treatment plant to treat the waste produced in the process and a urbanization land in the rest of the plot.

The customer has relied on Detea for the completion of the project: from conception of the idea to final delivery, taking place at a time commensurate with the quality standards required by the law in such a specific sector as industrial buildings. This is a project where the customer comes first and Detea has devoted its efforts to do so.

The client has valued our high degree of involvement in the project. Currently, the work is in the construction phase of the facilities so that they can entry into service within six months.

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