Reinforcement project of the pier and beam piloted in container terminal, Cadiz

The main object of the works is to replace the current cranes with last generation ones with greater capacity. To this end, a rolling rail is created for the mentioned cranes, in addition to reinforcing the dock section and the piloted beam of the Container Terminal of Juan Carlos I.

The works that are realized are the following:

– A screen of piles in the outer edge of the slab of the box structure that crosses the sidewalk.

– Subsequently, between the piles a jet is made to close the generated holes besides underpinning the concrete slab pin.

-In order to finish the set of projected actions in the reinforcement of the piloted beam, it is proceeded to realize internal jets by the cell holes of the box structures, creating a longitudinal bulb in the base of the box in its external side.

The total length of this action is 936 m, in the direction parallel to the cliff of the dock. The current beam is divided into 2 sections, called “Section II” of 644 m and “Section III” of 292 m long. For the new crane loads it is proposed to make piles in the centres of spans and at the end points of the portico, on both sides of the beam and connected to it with the new waling to be executed. The length of the piles, although variable, oscillates around 32 m.