Private School “Liceo Mediterráneo” in El Ejido (Almería)

Construction of new Private School Center: basement, ground and first on a plot of 7,400 m2 plant.

The supporting structure of the building is in situ concrete with 7,900 m2 of reticular floor, except the gym working out with metal structure, forged plate and cover prefabricated sandwich panel. The foundation is solved by reinforced slab and concrete walls.

The building envelope is made with brick finished in monolayer coating and the cover is not passable finished in gravel. The interior walls have been made by use hollow brick with zither triple, double partition with thermal-acoustic insulation, concrete block factory, factory thermo-clay ceramic block and factory acusti-clay ceramic block.

It has given the building of the following facilities: plumbing, sanitation, solar energy, electricity, air conditioning, fire and anti-intrusion.

It has 3,000 m2 of outdoor areas with sports courts with equipment.