Malaga motorway (A-45), Section Encinas Reales – Benamejí

The work corresponds to the section of the motorway Málaga A-45, which runs through the municipalities of Benamejí (Córdoba), Cuevas Bajas and Antequera (Málaga). It follows a route that is actually a bypass except at the central part of the left lane (Córdoba – Málaga), which uses the current N-331 road and the existing bridge over the river Genil. The total length is 11,50 km for the road Córdoba-Málaga and 11,20 Km to the road Málaga-Córdoba. A total of 10 structures have been built, such as overpasses and underpasses for paths, roads and hunting activities (the latter coincide in most cases with drainage works already designed) .The project also includes the implementation of the system of transversal and longitudinal drainage, replacement of affected roads and services, the necessary complementary works and environmental actions allowing the successful integration of the infrastructure in the environment.