Headquarters Delegation of “Movilidad y Delegación de Convivencia de Seguridad” in Seville

Building of the Delegation of Government of the City of Seville, situated on a plot of 3.511,48m². It has on its north and west sides of the green area of the former prison of “La Ranilla” and its south and east sides of streets with Vidal Hoya and Clemente Hidalgo respectively.

Two different delegations are set in the building: Delegation Coexistence and Security and Mobility.

The construction is distributed in different plants: two basement floors for parking; one basement floor where intervention services (inspection guard, dungeons, research, locker rooms, etc.) are located. On the ground floor, around two central courtyards, accesses, common uses (lobby, offices and cafeteria) in addition to those others that require uniqueness to be in this plant are projected. In the first, second and third floors will happen in an orderly fashion, around patios, a battery of internal uses in reference to the two delegations.
The deadline for execution of the project was 21 months.