Central building in Palos de la Frontera

The work involves the leveling where the combined cycle plant will be located, the execution of internal communication vials with the corresponding sewerage, drainage and services network, of the access and of the perimeter fencing. In addition, the water treatment buildings, the main electrical building, the fire security plant, the neutralization fences and the conduction metal racks have been built.

All the works are spread on a lot of an old strawberries plantation of 30 hectares.

Regarding the leveling, the work carried out included the removal of all the material to dump in compliance with current environmental legislation. Likewise, the dismantling and removal of anthropic material and transport to authorized dump is carried out following the environmental legislation.

The land leveling is of approximately 350,000 m3 both clearance and banks with 1.5 slopes. Being sandy material, we proceeded to the cladding of the slopes with approximately 15,000 MT of rockfill.