Avenue bridge in America on the Rambla de Albox, Almeria

The work of the Bridge of Albox consists on the extension of the Avenue of America of the Andalusian village, through the Rambla de Albox until the intersection with Ramon y Cajal Street by a bridge, so that the new expansion cores of this urban area are perfectly connected.

The work, which was performed for Albox town hall, involved the construction of a statically indeterminate tied bridge with a total length of 111.5 meters of white concrete. The bridge is supported on a tie bar and embedded in the other, requiring two intermediate supports too.

The clearance between piers is of 64 meters and the bridge supports are grounded through piles of 1.5 meters of diameter collected in waling, except from one of the tie bars in which the foundation is given directly through pad foundation. The width of the board is 13.5 meters, so that there is one lane for each direction, separated by a central reserve, with exterior and interior 0.5 metres shoulders.

Sidewalks are 2 meters width (1.5 operable and 0.5 for the security barrier).