New Control Systems for Your Home

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Nowadays, the technology that encompasses our daily lives is no longer a novelty. The industry is continually advancing on a grand scale and fortunately, the pace and growth of possibilities for improvement will not be slowing down any time soon. Within the housing sector, home automation is taking on an important and influential role and there are many people that currently opt for buying a smart home.


According to a study carried out by the consulting agency Grupo Context, around 40% of Spanish people have shown interest in living in a smart home in the near future. Smart homes have ceased to be the future and have become the present. Among many other advances, this is due to the development of new control systems that are increasingly more accessible and that can be found on the market currently.


What Are Control Systems?

Before delving into the usefulness of control systems for your home, we would like to clarify what this term refers to. Simply put, it can be defined as a network of hardware, communication and interfaces that are capable of working in harmony to automate different domestic home functions electronically, controlled through the internet. Due to this, it is possible to control the usage of lighting, home temperature or alarm systems from your smartphone, tablet or any other digital device. If we add to this the existence of speakers such as the Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo and Google Home, the possibilities are expanded simply by using voice recognition. Surely, everyone has had the dream, at least once in their life, where they order something to be done and it is completed or granted in that instant.

The success of this technology is due to, in large part, the installation of sensors in each equipment system and connected by Wifi.

New Control Systems for Your Home - DETEA, Obras, Construcción e Ingeniería

What Applications Does it Have?

Light Control: This is perfect way to take full advantage of the light that is in your home. These smart systems are assisted by products created for turning lights on and off as well as regulating the intensity and adjusting the colour and temperature of the light. An example of these are the new light proposals from IKEA and Xiaomi.


Window Shade Control: Also linked with the possibility to control the light in the room is the automated use of window shades. This makes it possible to decide at what level we want to let the natural light in from the exterior to the interior of the living space. In the same way as lightbulbs and artificial light panelling, it is possible to control them individually or control various window shades at the same time.


 Heating Control: Thanks to this advanced technology, you can also adjust your home to your heating needs, even when you are not at home. Many brands have begun to use similar products, as is the case with Evohome. Heating or cooling your home by zones is another advantage to using a control system of this type.


Home Gadget Control: The gadgets we are referring to range from washing machines that measure out the detergent and robot vacuums to ovens that can be preheated so that they are ready once you arrive home. It even includes refrigerators whose interior can be monitored and controlled from your mobile phone. Nowadays, the options are infinite and amenities are unprecedented.


These are just a few examples of the numerous applications that home control systems can have that also include camera monitoring and security systems as well as alarms and anti-flood control which can all be sent via email alerts in real time.


What Are the Benefits to Having a Home Control System?


  • Energy Efficiency: In a world that is increasingly moving toward sustainability, it is essential for technology to provide efficiency. Home control systems make it possible to reduce the time that lights or heating systems are turned on and are only turned on when there are people in each room. In this way, the savings are considerable which means that it is an advantage that also affects your wallet.


  • Comfort: It would be inconceivable to imagine reforming a home that was not to make it more habitable in some way. If there were a standard for what would be essential for a living space, it would undoubtedly be for the inhabitants to be more comfortable. The simple fact that the temperature can be controlled quickly and in advance or selecting the musical tracks that will be played automatically, will make you feel like your home is the most comfortable place in the world. If we added to that the fact that it can be done remotely and directly from your mobile device in just a few clicks, you are guaranteed to feel, in essence, at home.


  • Increased Safety: Using control systems, you can rely on immediate warnings for fires thanks to detectors installed, or monitoring the level of carbon monoxide among many other functions.


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