Global DETEA

Global DETEA is the joint work between the client, designer and contractor as a single team.

We offer our clients the professionalism, process management and experience of both our engineering and construction teams, having DETEA as a single intermediary throughout the whole project ensures the correct coordination and interrelation between design and construction.

Therefore, the client obtains a project in optimal technical, time and cost conditions. This integrated process will allow construction works to begin right after the design project is completed and with the appropriate licenses. The involvement of the construction company during the initial design stages ensures an optimal choice of construction systems. As a result, our client will obtain a shorter period of work execution thanks to the constant interrelation between design and construction.

Global DETEA - DETEA, Obras, Construcción e Ingeniería
Global DETEA - DETEA, Obras, Construcción e Ingeniería

Would you like continuous guidance and control over time and cost in your project?

Would you like to minimize the risks in your project?

Do you require a single intermediary to develop your desired project?

This service offers significant advantages such as coordination between the interests of all parties involved: designer and contractor; as well as the client’s ability to interfere at any time in any aspect related to their project; and the economic savings derived from an efficient analysis of the project from a global perspective during the initial stages, a correct choice of the parties involved and an adequate coordination of them, among other reasons.


There are three phases for this process:


Performance Study: The scope of the project in terms of time and cost is determined with the client and the different technical parties involved. For this purpose, an effectively detailed preliminary design is presented, which allows establishing a project start-up framework. This process will allow laying the foundations to start the execution of the project and construction works with a system of alignment of interests in terms of time and costs, with a guaranteed maximum price and timing.

Project Development:  It is achieved by a complete coordination between the parties involved looking towards the improvement of construction time and cost reduction. The designer and the contractor will always work hand and hand to achieve an efficient and compliant project, fulfilling the client requirements.

Execution of the Construction Works: The start of the works will take place once the detailed execution project has been completed with the appropriate licenses and supervision.

Are you looking for flexibility for the development of your performance?