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Construction is one of the areas where drones are playing a major role. They are used as a complementary tool for building professionals, as they provide valuable additional information.

There are already several companies that are dedicated to provide this service, such as Skycatch, which enables to capture data and create visual intelligence to operate faster, safer, and smarter. They provide actionable data using UAVs to help construction managers and engineers fine tune their operations.

The use of drones smooths the progress of drawing the modeling of a building through photography and measurements on the ground.

In Detea, knowing the advantage of the use of applied technology to business, we believe that one of the most innovative applications technology offers is to combine the aerial view emitted by a drone together with applications of augmented reality, whose result has a great impact on architecture and engineering for agile decision making.

This technology and the automation of information allow us to save costs and time while increasing quality while minimizing errors.

If you want to know in detail, write to us detea@detea.com.

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