Drones’ help to inspect works at a height

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This technology has made easier many tasks for construction industry, enforcing this one, so they can give instant information about the state of works, façades and buildings… As we talked about in a previous post they make construction more efficient.

Some of the reasons for using this technology for our work’s inspection are:

-Better work tracking.

-Expenses’ reduction

-Having a continuous vigilance of the work situation.

-It helps to improve workers’ security.

-Planning or trading new works, throughout 3d models’ techniques and virtual reality.

It offers several advantages such as production improvement, more accurate and more qualified work information, it reduces construction deadline… among others. As we previously said, it’s one of the technologies to changing real estate industry.

Companies such as: drones Mallorca, pilotando, jptopografía… they offer this services.

At Detea, we use this technology, so here you have a link of one of our projects.

If you want to make any further query, don’t hesitate to write us to detea@detea.com

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