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The Andalusian company Detea has presented its Strategic Plan for 2016-19, focused on the capacities in which the company accumulates more experience and specialization: the development of civil works projects (linear and railway infrastructures, hydraulic works, urbanizations and industrial parks, as well as renewable energies projects) and building projects (residential, equipment, tertiary, commercial and industrial).In both sectors, Detea will work both to execute the projects provided by clients and to develop these projects, always with a flexible approach in relation to the client: from the most classic formulas to new complex and collaborative formulas such as the project and work, turnkey, construction management and delegated promotion. “The philosophy is to be very close to the client, giving him the answer that best suits his needs,” explained the president, Arturo Coloma.

Detea is once again getting new contracts and, so far this year, has managed to contract new operations with private and public clients for a total amount of 5.2 million €, whose implementation has already begun. It has been able to fulfill in four months (from January to April) 50% of the objective of contracting of new work that has been marked for 2016, that is of 10 million €.

This new portfolio adds to the volume of 65 million in operations contracted with different administrations and private clients in previous years. With this total workload of 70 million € today, the forecast for 2016 is to close with a turnover of more than 13 million and with an EBITDA of around 5%. By 2020, it expects to double its turnover, bringing it to 30 million.

Detea, after the carried out restructuring, has a long-term financial debt and exclusively from the approved agreement. To date, it has already paid 25% of the debt, which has a total term of ten years. The net financial debt will be at the end of this year at 7.3 million € and is expected to be 3.3 million € in 2020, about 2.5 times EBITDA.

The Andalusian company, which has opened its new headquarters in the Pabellón de Italia of Isla de la Cartuja, faces the future “with optimism and with the endorsement of 28 years of experience and more than half thousand projects executed in the fields of civil work, industrial construction, development of real estate assets and sustainable rehabilitation, fields in which it is difficult to find a brand like DETEA that combines so much experience and expertise, “said Arturo Coloma.

In addition, Detea has presented its Strategic Plan in a business event that was attended by the Minister of Public Work, Felipe López, the CEA President Javier González de Lara, and the president of the National Association of Independent Builders (ANCI), Jaime Lamo de Espinosa.

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