Colour Therapy

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Different colours have the capability of helping us depending on which emotional state we find ourselves in. The impact that certain tones can have affect all people the same without age or gender coming into play.


Studies have shown that colours have a high impact on our mood, although it has not been clinically proven that they help to cure people of disease or sickness. For that reason, certain treatments such as chromotherapy, also known as colour therapy, are considered natural alternative therapies. Even though colours are not a fundamental factor or determinant for curing ailments, they can help to influence our emotional state.


Do you know what benefits each colour offers?



Energy: it incites movement and encourages people to do things. This stimuli not only affects the spirit but also activates the mind, increases blood circulation and helps nutrients to quickly reach both the heart as well as all of the other organs.


This colour is commonly linked with representing the sun and is considered the most effective tone for treating fatigue and feelings of sadness. It offers vitality and optimism and fills people with a sensation of warmth and friendliness. 


This puts the mind and body in a state of alert which activates the nervous system. It stimulates the mind, which encourages learning and making one more attentive to everything going on around them.


This colour is highly recommended for people who are hyperactive or get excited easily as it regulates the heart rate and breathing rate. It creates a harmonious and calm environment.


This colour transmits peace and tranquillity, relaxing whoever is exposed to it little by little. It is also highly effective for better sleep.

More turquoise colours help to relieve mental fatigue and feelings of loneliness.


This is a very spiritual colour which welcomes people to meditate and use their imagination. These actions help to combat anxiety as your mind disconnects from the world.


In Western cultures, white represents what is pure and innocent, as well as cleanliness, peace and virtue. In Eastern and African cultures this colour represents death.  


This colour represents sweetness, delicacy, friendship and pure love. Western cultures traditionally associate it with femininity.

The psychology of colour studies what colours evoke in our emotions and behaviours.


Each colour has a meaning, as mentioned in the previous descriptions, and for that reason it is important to understand the theory or psychology of colour in order to decipher what your audience may feel about your project.


It is important to visualise your project and imagine how you want to be viewed by your public. For this reason, the perception that they have of the colour that is utilized gives way to the confidence that they have in your company. This is an important part of the process that may not be considered initially.

Colour Therapy - DETEA, Obras, Construcción e Ingeniería


There is a wide variety of ways in which colours can be used. It consists of colour projections on the wall of a room or on the part of the body being treated.


What is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy, also known as colour therapy, is an alternative therapy considered pseudoscientific which states that certain lighting or environments that have certain colours can be useful as treatment for healing processes.


It consists of ideas taken from psychology, metaphysics, physics, art and medicine to create a pattern for acting on physical and mental ailments through the use of the chromatic spectrum which divides sunlight.


It is necessary to deeply understand the characteristics of each colour and the needs of each person in order to know exactly which to use and how to apply them in each case. As chromotherapy is very simple to apply, it is often effectively combined with other therapies.


How to apply this to your home?

Every day more and more people are inspired to implement the use of colours in their home for a variety of reasons.

The following are suggestions for using certain colours within different spaces in your home:



Energy: Use it for social areas of the home, for example in the kitchen.


Relaxing: It is common in health centres and hospitals. It is highly appropriate for bedrooms and studios for its calming effect.


Liveliness and vitality: Perfect for decorating common areas that may not have sufficient natural light. It is the colour of youthfulness.


This colour helps to facilitate communication, improve mood and foster creativity. It also helps for healthy eating and a good appetite. Use this colour in kitchens, game rooms and creative spaces.


This colour invites people to breathe cleanliness and purity. It is ideal for bathrooms, showers and antiseptic areas that are perfect for feeling at peace and harmony while you take a shower.


This colour is very sensual, ideal for adding just a touch of colour to bedrooms, bathrooms and intimate spaces without using too much.


Purity and clarity: This is great for feeling relaxed and without a doubt the most appropriate for resting.


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