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During more than 30-years history ,our company has especially had two lines of business: civil works and building. Regarding the latter, the company has carried out different types of work, ranging from residential or educational buildings to industrial buildings


Precisely in this line, Detea already began his career towards the end of the 1980s. Therefore, the experience and the journey in this matter are extensive. As we will see later, this has left us outstanding completed projects


On one occasion before we already referred in the blog to the construction of industrial warehouses, and we made a special review about which structures and roofs were most recommended for this type of building. Today, we would like to complement the information related to industrial constructions focusing on the agri-food sector.


Firstly, it is worth noting what we understand by rural or farm building. These are non-residential buildings that house some type of agricultural, livestock and even forestry activity.


These include the following types of buildings:


  • Buildings for the agri-food industry. Here we have buildings for different industries, such as the meat factory or other food factories. We can find, therefore, warehouses designed to be slaughterhouses, curing facilities, cutting rooms, processing chains, refrigerated warehouses or logistics warehouses for food.
  • Livestock housing.
  • Food markets in origin.
  • Warehouses for raw materials and agricultural products.
  • Barns

Agriculture has been the basis of human consumption and economy since ancient times until today. Therefore, the construction of quality, modern and, above all, useful farm buildings is a responsibility and an exciting challenge for construction companies.



The evolution of agri-food buildings in our country dates back to past centuries, but it is from the beginning of the 90s when people began to take an interest in creating more hygienic warehouses with materials that are easy to clean. Likewise, precast concrete began to be used more assiduously for structures and also for walls or roofs. Other materials used are stainless steel and plastics.


On the other hand, special emphasis is placed on the lighting and ventilation of agri-food buildings.


Besides, taking into account that fortunately society is progressing more and more towards a sustainable world, respect for the environment is also essential in the creation of warehouses. For this reason, from that time on, issues such as water purification, with a high pollutant load, among other new updates that have been added over the years, have begun to be prioritized.


As we said before, Detea’s career in this field is extensive. For this reason, we will now point out some of the agri-food industrial constructions carried out.

Improvements to the Aggraria  Lagar LDA olive mill

It is one of the most recent agri-food industrial construction projects that Detea has carried out. Works have consisted of the expansion of an olive mill  in the Portuguese region of Alentejo, for the company Aggraria Lagar, whose main occupation is the management of farms for the production of olive oil


Beside, we built a new warehouse with a total storage capacity for 56 tanks with a height of 12mt,  some finishing works have been done to the 4,500 m2 facility and also rehabilitation works to its 500-m2 offices .

AGRI-FOOD INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS - DETEA, Obras, Construcción e Ingeniería


Almaco nut processing plant


Construction of an industrial building for a nut processing facility of 3,244 m2 in Palma del Río for  Almaco company.
It manages the Cortijo Calonge farm, where they grow walnut trees. Its farm is reputed to be the first in Europe specialized in the Howard variety. In total it has almost 300 hectares.

The work involves the rehabilitation of some parts of the existing farm and the expansion of processing and nuts handling facilities.

AGRI-FOOD INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS - DETEA, Obras, Construcción e Ingeniería

Warehouse for Postres Montero


Construction of an industrial warehouse for the manufacture of desserts in the Andalusia Technology Park, in Malaga for Postres Montero. It is a family business specialized in traditional dessert recipes and currently linked to Dulces Reina.


The building has a functional scheme, consisting of a rectangular construction. Besides a semi-detached office building has been built in the central area of ​​the building and a parking area

AGRI-FOOD INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS - DETEA, Obras, Construcción e Ingeniería

Facilities for Coca-Cola


One of the most prominent industrial buildings in Detea are the facilities of the Coca-Cola headquarters in Seville. This consisted of a process of merging different bottling plants into a single one with a large production capacity. The building combines metal structure in warehouse and concrete in offices.

AGRI-FOOD INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS - DETEA, Obras, Construcción e Ingeniería


Detea keeps working day by day to continue its path in this sector of industrial agri-food construction. Each company is unique and has different characteristics, so it will always be essential to adapt to the specific needs of each client.


If you want to know more about this topic, do not hesitate and contact us or read more related articles in our website.



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