Advice on improving your home’s interior lighting

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At the time of reducing your home’s energy consumption, and so, when saving at your electricity bill and emissions it has much to do the smart illumination systems use, as much as halogen and LED bulbs.

There are 3 kinds of light resources considered as interior lighting for your home: Low-energy, halogen and LED, this way you’ll light up your home in a sustainable way. We’ll leave you some advices to decide which kind of light works better for each part of your home.

We mustn’t relate electricity consumption directly to light power, as if you get a good sustainable interior lighting, the electricity cost isn’t that expensive.

From the 3 kinds of lighting resources above mentioned, it’s tought that LED bulbs would replace traditional’s: halogen and low-energy. This kind of bulbs improves at efficiency, efficacy, and sustainability to any other light source, so sooner or later they’ll begin the house’s masters. Some of their features are the following:

  • They last about 20 years, this is 20.000 hours.
  • They are expensive, but this price is compensable regarding the low consumption.
  • This is about a kind of bulb which doesn’t heat up extremely, so we avoid the typical burns when changing it.
  • Another feature to underscore is the maximum light intensity they instantly reach and the fact that they don’t contain mercury.
  • Furthermore, LED radiates a very warm and white light, very comfy for a home.
  • LED lights are the most suitable to decorate, as they don’t heat up we can attach them to furnitures and fit to any shape. Your home will be shining style!


The other two kind of lights mentioned are probably lighting your home currently, as they’ve been adapted within sustainability regarding traditional lights over the years.

  • Low-energy lights: this kind os bulbs consume up to a 70% less and they emit 5 times more light than incandescent bulbs. Their lifespan lasts 10.000 hours and they don’t heat up as much as traditional do so this is a good option too. These kind of lights are way more expensive than the rest, but they count on a warranty of 3 years.
  • Halogen lights: this kind of lights have a lower lifespan up to 2.000 hours, its consumption is 30% more efficient than incandescent bulbs, and its light doubles the intensity in regard with the traditionals. The problema is that these bulbs heat up very quickly, that’s why it’s not adviceable to use them close to children or flammable materials such as fabrics and paper.


Beyond explaining the different kids of lightings that we can use in our homes, we are doing to give you some advices to improve the interior lighting:

1.- Light up your living room with several light sources

Light up your living room with several light sources in different heights  and enjoy of a warm, comfy and well-illuminated home with no need of worrying about your consumption.

2.- Save with LED lighting

Change all of your home’s bulbs and use LED. You’ll check how noticeable the change is!

3.- Candles to decorate rooms

A really good trick at decoration is to use candles to decor and so set a relaxing nad romantic environment with no need to spend electricity. Decorate with candles and you’ll set a peaceful and quiet chill to your home!

4.- Rechargeable lamps for children.

For the young little ones who are starting to read and do homeworks, there are LED light lamps with a pliable hand to change the light focus to the roof and so create the proper lighting to study.

This kind of lights consume up to a 85% less and they last 20 times longer than an incandescent bulb!

Advice on improving your home's interior lighting - DETEA, Obras, Construcción e Ingeniería

5.- Decorative and functional tweezers lamps

If you don’t have much space, you can use a tweezer lamp kind, which is the best combination with a LED bulb to save electricity..

Apart from that, now more than ever that winter is coming you’ll need a colleague to light up your evenings and autumn’s nights. So, what better way to take advantage of this season to find the perfect couple for you and your home: the lamps that better fits your tastes and you personality.

Here we leave the following IKEA video with countless ideas to find that ally who lights up your nights:


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