Advantages of smart lighting in buildings

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Building sector is continuously evolving towards innovative designs, sustainability and energy efficiency. This is important not just for the users but to the environment, that is constantly affected by pollution. The reduction of power consumption is one of the greatest concerns in Spanish households, due to the rises in energy bills that have a negative impact over the family economy. However, the environment is affected by energy waste as well as damaged by human intervention.

This is the reason why nowadays, society is working to find solutions that help us to reduce energy use, create awareness over its responsible usage, and measures that can be implemented in our daily routines to save energy. Designing action plans on energy efficiency is a growing trend promoted by Governments and consumers that are looking to cut down the excessive energy consumption. Smart lighting is an innovative technology presented as a solution to power saving at home. Is this a new measure to encourage the reinvention of energy usage in our houses?

What is smart lighting?

They are lights that operate when we go into our house. Lights whose functioning is programmed depending on day and time. Smart lighting consists in the rational use of light without unnecessary waste of energy and using just what is strictly necessary.

The commitment to sustainability has been a key challenge in the past few years. The development of new technologies and energy saving measures plays a significant part in the achievement of this goal. Customizing and design are the more introduced options in the market; they allow the adaptation to customer needs and demands. These days, our smartphones make it possible to control the lighting at home, and unthinkable technological progress a few years ago. With every development we are getting closer to house automation and smart homes.

Of course, we cannot forget to take the light bulbs we use at home into consideration. Low consumption bulbs are key when it comes to save energy costs. At present, the market is betting on intelligent LED lighting which is more efficient than conventional light bulbs and even that low consumption bulbs. These bulbs have as particularity that they do not convert light to heat and work without using filaments or gas. LED bulbs can be recycled and last longer than incandescent light bulbs.

What implies the use of smart lighting?

We have to think out of the box and beyond simply providing light to our home. Now, smart houses are equipped with lighting systems that can be managed from distance and help in the control of energy saving, which is very important not only for the environment but also to house economy. Furthermore, smart lighting has many other useful benefits:

  • Increased comfort: intelligent lighting enables to create light environments and moods depending upon the activity we are doing at home. This way, we are able to adjust the intensity and colour of light and activate just the light sources we need. Likewise, it allows us to be sure that we did not leave any light on. With just one click we are capable to adapt and switching on or off the entire lighting system, either through a Smartphone or a hand switch.
  • Light based alarm clock: light can be programmed to increase progressively, this way our own bedroom can act as an alarm clock. This can work whether changing light intensity or its colour.
  • Power saving: the system allows light to be automatically switched off when we leave a room. This has a positive impact on the energy we are consuming and helps us to reduce the unnecessary light usage.
  • Security role: light can be also used as warning in the event that someone breaks into your house. Light flickering works as a visual alarm to alert a possible break in and can convince the burglars that there are people at home and scare them off.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions: electrical energy production involves the emission of a high percentage of carbon dioxide, one of the main culprits of global warning. Power saving helps to fight climate change.

In new technologies and innovations people have found an ally to bet on solutions to support and improve energy efficiency. This has gone from a trend to a genuine commitment with or planet. These systems are easy to use and maintain, they centralize and digitalize the control of the lighting our house while giving us comfort.

Implementing smart lighting in our houses and companies is considered as an environmentally friendly act. As global citizens, reducing and preventing environmental pollution is our duty and it is easier that we can think of. What might look as a disproportionate investment is a medium and long term gain, not only in our bills but to our planet: controlling energy waste helps us all.

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