Integrated Management System policy

Vision: We want to be the paradigm within dynamism, efficiency, technology, implication and commitment at construction industry, engineerings and infrastructures’ investment.

Mission: To make our customers’ needs come true, by creating a global solution, counting on the best professionals, techniques and resources.


Trust,  we are aware that every time customers entrust a project to us, they are  leaving in our hands the execution of that on what  they’ve set their hopes and resources.

Focus on proximity to customer, by attending and looking into their priority, needs or doubts and so achieving custom solutions.

Technology, engineering and processes, Prevención de Riesgos Laborales e I+D+i. we base our work on the industry’s most advanced technologies incorporation, betting strongly on technological development and performing by the rules of a Quality Integrated Management System, Environment, Prevention of Occupational Risks and R&D&I.


Our company’s activity is established within a social framework looking for sustainable development application, consolidated growth, and the improvement of your environment life conditions, both external (customers, partner companies, business organizations, and universities)and internal (workers and their relatives) and according to the following performance patterns: 


  • Integrated Management System (Quality, Environment, Prevention of Occupational Risks and R&D&I), which aim is to assure continuous improvement in all of the processes, and for all organization levels, in order to satisfy our customers’ requirements and expectatives, basing us on joint cooperation and use of synergies;
  • The significance of Integrated Management System is for all kinds of civil works and buildings construction (design and execution).
  • Establishing and checking the objectives and goals at management;
  • Commitment with current legistation meeting and with environmetal protection, by means of workers’ information and training.
  • Guaranteeing the involvement, training and consulting for all the company workers, making our principles and commitments to be known, understood, developed and maintained daily by all the organization, in terms of Quality, Environment, Prevention of Occupational Risks and R&D&I, as much as assigning resources for their development;
  • Preserving, increasing and setting innovation and learning for dominating management and operative processes in a continuos learning environment.
  • Boosting organization’s knowledge and competence for its products and services development.
  • Asuring that all its activities, products and services develope within the established framework in this policy, communicating it to all the organization, included suppliers and collaborators.


The responsibility for applying and comply with this Management System lies with all the organization, the Steering Committee will veil for its spread, updating and fulfillment.


Senior Management Representative.