The figure of ‘Compliance’ at Spanish business network started to take shape from the growing commitment of the companies with responsibilities, both internal an external level.

Compliance alludes to the fulfillment commitment of the Management Board with the established procedures and policies in the company and it consists, fundamentally, on the set of measures and actions which each company includes on its Crime Prevention and Unlawful Activities Model, supported by the Organic Law 5/2010, where it’s established for the first time the criminal responsibility of legal entities.

A good way to reveal this commitments, is to establish an Ethics and Conduct Code, where you can find for each case the dutties and obligations of the organization with all the stakeholders.

How has the company to understand and undertake the compliance?

There are 5 key factors to work at jointly and orderly for the achievement of the objectives established by each company:

  1. Identification: contigencies which could challenge the company’s activity must be determined. Analyzing its potential impact and possible consequences.
  2. Prevention: by knowing the existance of these contingencies, inmediately establish actions plan on enforcement to help the company to guarantee its commitment.
  3. Monitoring and detection: for actions plans on enforcement, by keeping the Management Board updated on new risks, and being very advisable the execution of internal auditings regularly.
  4. Decision: if even though by establishing all the actions to achieve the compliance’s success, breaches would result, extraordinary measures must be applied for its resolution.
  5. Guidance: all the internal agents which take part into the daily activity of the company (management and employees), must take care of adopting and fostering all the measures proposed, and provide them with all the required guidance from the company.

You can consult the full content of the of DETEA in the following link: CODE OF ETHICS AND CONDUCT