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Technological advances and a growing awareness toward the environmental impact that buildings have is leading to an increase in the design of sustainable buildings all around the world. Sustainable architecture is based on principles of saving natural resources that are consumed to achieve a total or partial reduction of the negative impact on the natural habitat surrounding the building.


  • CH2 in Melbourne (Australia)

The full name of this building is “Melbourne Council House 2” and it is the first construction in Australia to be considered the most environmentally focused in the entire country. The structure is made of recycled wood and the covering is made up of photovoltaic plates. CH2 also has a total of 5 water towers that are in charge of regulating the temperature of the building through a process of evaporation with wind turbines, as well as a recycling system for contaminated water. Ultimately, the main objective of this project was to construct a building that guaranties the total well-being of its inhabitants and reduces energy consumption that arises from its use.


  • One Angel Square in Manchester (England)

This building, which is a total of 72.5 metres high, is considered the most sustainable in Europe. One Angel Square was constructed using the “BREEAM method”, which certifies, by means of quality and energy saving standards the degree of environmental sustainability of a building. This architectural reference in Europe obtains its energy from a system of electricity and heat based on the grapeseed oil harvested from a community farm and also employs its own recycling system which reutilizes the waste generated by the building itself.


  • Pearl River Tower in Guangzhou (China)

This skyscraper, of more than 300 metres in height, was designed with the main objective of extracting the exclusively necessary energy from the natural elements around the construction itself. In this way, it reduces the overall consumption of natural resources, and becomes self-sufficient with its own means through a design based on taking advantage of light and wind. The Pearl River Tower is climate controlled with heated floors, lighting systems of low consumption and wind turbines inserted into the building design.


  • Bullitt Center in Seattle (USA)

This building is made up of commercial offices. According to its designer and architect Miller Hull, the construction, whose consumption of conventional means of energy is zero, will have a useful life of 250 years. From the very beginning, this building was designed to be the most environmentally friendly in the world. Bullitt Center has, currently, a water processing system that makes it self-sufficient and independent from municipal supply, a ceiling of solar panels and a geothermic structure that produces heat from the energy that is produced by the earth’s surface.


  • Commerzbank in Frankfurt (Germany)

Nearly 260 metres high, this is the second highest skyscraper in Europe and a pioneer in its energy saving design. To date, there has been a 50% decrease in consumption in comparison with other similar constructions. This tower holds a total of 9 gardens located at different heights to take full advantage of all of the possible natural light and decrease the use of artificial light. Likewise, Commerzbank employs a system of air circulation focused on saving energy, as well as a double investment that reinforces thermal insulation of the building.


  • Infonavit in Mexico

The Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers is located in Mexico City and is currently considered one of the greenest in Latin America. It has 5,000 m2 covered in gardens with vegetables and plants. This green area has an enormous variety of vegetation due to the optimal climate and environment provided the ideal conditions for their conservation. This construction was recognised with the “Sustainable Building Certificate” for its large contribution to the environment.

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