What is a Technical Building Inspection (TBI)?

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To determine building´s health there is the Technical Building Inspection (TBI).

The aim of the TBI is to guarantee that the building is in perfect shape but, overall, is to identify any issues that need to be solved.

With the main objective of correcting errors and avoiding dangerous accidents that can damage goods or people.

The Technical Building Inspection certifies the shape and guides the owners in taking actions to comply with the duty of conservation and maintenance of the building.

It can be compared to vehicle inspections because it a system that control the condition of a building to guarantee its conservation and rehabilitation.

The revision must be done in a very exhaustive way by qualified professional: an architect, a building engineer or a quantity surveyor.

Choosing the right professional is fundamental, because his or her qualification and professionality will impact the quality and validity of the building report.

With the goal of detecting possible failures that might become major security issues, the TBI must focus on the following areas:

  • Facade
  • Roof and eaves
  • Walls and framing

Once the inspection is done, the technician introduces the data in an electronic platform and signs the TBI so he can proceed by requesting the Administration the certification.

The professional must analyze the following aspects of the building and grade them using the following classification:

  • Without failures
  • Mild failures
  • Severe failures
  • Very severe failures

After the inspection, if the building gets any of the two first grades, it means it has passed the inspection.

However, if it gets the one of the two lowest marks, the owners along with the technician must elaborate a rehabilitation program for the building.

For people to be safe, if the building presents any risks, the rehabilitation measures must be taken soon and must be drastic.

This way, depending on the mark given to the building, the validity time of the certification varies:

  • Severe or very failures: PRECAUTIONARY PASS. 3-year duration.
  • Important failures: PROVISIONAL PASS. 6-year duration.
  • Without or mild failures: PASS. 10-year duration.

But what kind of buildings must go through TBI?

The Technical Building Inspection is mandatory for all types of buildings that have residential uses, does not matter if they are single family or multi-family and meet the following criteria:

  • First TBI is mandatory when the building reaches 50 years old.
  • Buildings that under local programs or bylaws are required to go through TBI.
  • Buildings that want to go into financial aid programs for rehabilitation.

Interesting facts about TBI

  • Every region has its own bylaws about TBI with its specific ruling.
  • Not presenting the TBI can be fined between €1000 and €6000.
  • TBI pricing is not regulated and is to be determined by the technician.
  • Building owners must pay for TBI as it is regulated by law.
  • Also, the economic consequences of the TBI report must be paid by the owners.
    If they cannot pay for it, the Administration can subsidize the cost.
    This is only possible if they obtain the public grants to pay for the rehabilitation.
    It is important to know that not being able to afford the costs is not an excuse to not go through TBI if it is needed.
  • Not going through TBI when it is due, it is considered a severe offense as it is regulated in the Housing Right Law and be fined between €9000 and €90000.
    They can get higher in case of failures derived accidents that affect goods or people.

Nowadays, there is a great number of professionals and specialized companies that work on TBIs.

They make the process easier for owners, professionally carrying out these mandatory inspections complying with the law.

And, if needed, they elaborate the improvement and rehabilitation plan for the building to eliminate failures.

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