Project and execution of the driving project for the supply of water to the north of Córdoba

The work is carried out in the northern area of the province of Córdoba to transport crude water from the “La Colada” reservoir to the ETAP of Sierra Boyera. The total length of the driving is 41.55 km. The work consists of the following differentiated parts:

The first suction section has a length of 120 meters and a diameter of 900 mm and is made of cast iron.

Pumping station with lifting capacity from 600 l / sg to 300 m / m. (3 + 1 groups of motor pumps of 900 kw).

Drive 28.3 km long and 700 mm diameter of cast iron, which ends in the control tank located in the Cuaranero.

Construction Deposit of 10,000 m3.

Gravity driving from this deposit to the ETAP of Sierra Boyera of 13.25 km. (6,8kw of 800mm of diameter and 6,45 of 50mm) of cast iron.