106 houses in Residential Area “La Villa del Marqués” in Pilas (Sevilla)

Construction of 106 houses in the Residential Area “Las Villas del Marques” in Pilas. These 106 spread in 19 detached houses, 38 semi-detached houses and 49 townhouses. The full development consists of 13,810.06 m2.

The enclosure consists of detached houses with outdoor patio blocks and 7 of them are ground floor and the other two floors.

The townhouses consist of two floors with front porch and backyard.

Paired also consist of block perimeter fence with outdoor patio and two floors.

All homes are built with a foundation consisting of pad foundation and struts, with a structure of reinforced concrete through unidirectional slab and covered with curved tiles.

The facades of all homes are painted outer stone paint in white and bottom coated with a monolayer socket of different colors.

The houses inside are finished with flooring of stoneware, porcelain and marble. The outside woodwork is white lacquered aluminum and wood interior sapelly with solid sheet.