Housing design change for 2021

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After a few months confined at home, the houses desings presented by the architects will change to project new residences with large outdoor spaces.

We have different types of people during this alarm state:


1.- Those who have a garden.

2.- Others that have a patio or a large terrace.

3.- Those with a small balcony.

4.- And finally, those with windows that must remove half their body so that they can get sun, if they are lucky that the sun rises.


In this way, we see the importance of a home with minimum living conditions. A house that contains a minimum essential area per person; of course with sufficient natural lighting and ventilation; preferably sunny and with views to the outside; with the possibility already if we ask for isolation spaces for each of the people who live in it and on the other hand with suitable places to carry out those works or studies at a distance. And as we have previously commented, if possible with a gap to the outside in the form of a terrace or balcony, where you can take a minimum of sun and even be able to go out to applaud to not feel alone when interacting with other people.


Being in our home for so long has made us reflect a little on how our homes should be designed to improve everyone’s life quality.


How would we adapt our homes to live in the best possible way within our possibilities?


The first orientation and light, we must put value on the quality of the space, The need for proportion, good light, good orientation and create cross ventilation. There are many people who live in spaces with few square meters and very little light from the outside where disorientation of the temporary space is created.


The terrace is another luxury that is back in fashion. Like the market trend that makes a lot of sense on tight floors to make an 8 m² kitchen incorporate it into the living room with an island. In this way, more space is gained in the living room and it does not seem that the kitchen is a store with a fridge and microwave.


As for the outside, it is nothing more than making a large terrace with the possibility that if necessary it is closed and becomes one more room. Furthermore, according to the architects, it is recognized that building a 15 m² terrace is cheaper than a room of similar dimensions within the home.

Housing design change for 2021 - DETEA, Obras, Construcción e Ingeniería

New theories for 2021


Apart from recovering more the importance of concepts such as light, orientation or having more outdoor spaces. One of the key points for this 2021 will be to evolve the designs of the houses to make them more flexible and versatile.


We are going to give you the example of a house in Madrid with two rooms and 60 m². We can sell larger areas without increasing the price. How? Not doing it as a finished product, but as a product that the buyer buys and then adds the different layers of finishes according to his economic possibilities.


In this way you can sell a fully finished house of 60 m² and for the same price a 75 m² with a brand new bathroom and kitchen, which is the only essential, but then it will be the buyer himself who according to his possibilities economic will finish the final finishes.



Experts think that if homes with rooms whose use was less defined but more generous would be marketed, the house could be used in a much more flexible way. For example, each one could adapt the bedroom to a living area or to a work area or to the use that the user gives it according to their needs at all times.


In this way that houses would be sold with 15 m² four pieces for example, and each person can configure, join or separate them according to their needs throughout the time they live in that house. Instead of selling you the house with the stipulated bedrooms, the kitchen, etc.


In summary, the time has come to modify the way of building and designing the houses. Also think about their interior distribution. We have realized that being locked inside our houses forces us to think about how we want the places in which we live to be. We have to look for all kinds of flexibility and adaptation to our homes, so that within them, we can also be outside. We are never in our homes and now, without being able to leave, we realize the discomfort that they cause us. So we have to remedy this situation.


For more information on this topic do not hesitate to contact us at detea@detea.com

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