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By understanding and taking preventative measures, it is possible to avoid work risks that may arise during the construction process at an industrial warehouse site. Keeping in mind that, in general, it is necessary to move a large quantity of considerably heavy objects, it is best to prevent workers from possible falls and collisions by way of regulation based on safety and control.


Construction process for an industrial warehouse


In order to build an industrial warehouse, it is first necessary to distinguish between two types of structures: metal and cement. For both of those materials, the construction process involves moving heavy weighing objects, such as placing pillars, straps and plates, as well as the layout of the enclosures. For that reason, in order to analyse the possible risks of a construction at this large of a magnitude, it is important to understand certain details about the development process.


If it is a cement structure, prefabricated pillars, formwork pillars or concrete pillars may be used. In the event of using prefabricated pillars, they should be placed using the help of a mobile crane, which should elevate the pillar on one of its sides toward a vertical standing position, as well as transport it toward the base to be lowered in. Once the pillar is moved toward the base, which has an empty centre in the middle to place the pillar, the machine operators are in charge of placing it within the structure.


Considering the complexity of movement and heavy weight of pillars at a construction site, there are a series of risks directly associated with the activity in question, among which include workers being hit by the pillar during its transportation, getting caught and trapped between it and the base or the pillar collapsing.



Work risks during construction


There are a number of risks that may occur during the construction process at an industrial warehouse, considering the actions that are involved in moving and placing a number of heavy objects to complete the construction work. The following is a list of some of those risks:


  1. Tripping

Workers may possibly trip over objects that are placed on the ground. Although this may not pose a grave threat, it is convenient to have the entire work space cleared to avoid any type of fall or trip and resulting work injury, no matter how small.


  1. Falling at a height

Based on the height at which a person may fall, this may involve a fatal risk. For that reason, it is necessary to protect the different level grounds adequately and safely. In general, properly fenced surfaces at a height should fulfil the requirements stipulated in the safety regulation to avoid operators tripping over any objects and losing balance, resulting in a fall.


  1. Falling heavy objects

The large number of moving heavy objects may produce a collision between the worker and a solid heavy element, leading to a possibly serious injury.


  1. Becoming trapped

Just like the aforementioned case, it is possible for workers to become trapped while carrying out any number of different tasks. For example, when accessing small spaces that are difficult to enter or when faced with the danger of building materials or miscellaneous elements falling or coming off.


Safety elements to keep in mind


By understanding and taking preventative measures, it is possible to avoid work risks that arise during the process of constructing an industrial warehouse. As such, keeping in mind that it is necessary to move large pieces, it is recommended to use chords that attach to the pillars, as a guide, to maintain a short distance from the base and place those objects that are larger in size and have a heavier weight more safely. In this way, it is possible to ensure that there are no workers located near the pillar during its movement toward the warehouse structure.


Similarly, to place the pillar within the base, it is advisable to use wood wedges,  in order to prevent a sharp descent as well as control the movement downward. Once the pillar is moved, it is placed correctly and lastly, it is unhooked from the mobile crane. For this step, it is fundamental to keep in mind that the sling or lanyard with hooks that raise the heavy object should have security latches at the end.


Regarding the clothing of those working on the construction site, it is mandatory that all of them wear security boots with a metal point, they wear hard hats that are plastic on the outside with a resistant fabric on the inside and use a harness of bright colours that are attached to the work scaffold.


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