Big Data is called the set of informatics tools for the management and intelligent analysis of huge volumes of data and varied information at a high velocity, allowing you to obtain verified and useful data to make decisions and bring value to society.

Nowadays, all types of companies and organizations need to properly store and manage the large amount of information daily generated, which is why all sectors, including construction, are beginning to take in this new technology.

Construction has found on Big Data the perfect technology that improves its processes, and many companies at an international level are starting to incorporate it: JE DUNN, a US-based construction company, and Autodesk joined to elaborate systems that enable predictive data-based modeling in real time. They linked the great Autodesk model visualization functionality with their own estimation system to develop a tailor visualization technology branded as LENS.

These progresses represent a great improvement in the estimation of costs and other benefits, such as:

  • Helping to determine what to build and where to do it, providing us with, among others, design and modeling of buildings, environmental or social media data.
  • It allows determining the optimum stage of construction activities. For instance, with the use of sensors in machinery and vehicles along with a project outline and traffic information, an algorithm that improves the efficiency of the work and reduces fuel and time costs is achieved.
  • Obtaining data with the application of sensors in any type of construction, easing its monitoring in many levels of performance, such as the energy efficiency of a building. In addition, this data can be reintroduced into BIM systems to schedule maintenance activities as needed.

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